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Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy which is then used to drive a generator that converts this energy into electricity. The UK has more usable wind power than any other European country and large scale wind turbine farms on and offshore will become a major supplier of electricity to the national grid in the next twenty years.

As at 8 February 2011 there are 283 UK grid-connected wind farms containing 3,153 wind turbines with the capacity to generate 5204 MW.*

Wind turbines come in two types; horizontal axis and vertical axis. Horizontal axis turbines are the more familiar ‘windmill’ type where the blades rotate in a vertical plane about a horizontal axis and the turbine is dynamically rotated on its tower to face the wind.

wind turbines

Vertical axis turbines do not need orientation into the wind, although the earlier versions, sometimes known as ‘eggbeater’ turbines required a power source to start rotating because of their high torque. More recent innovations have helical blade designs that have low torque and can operate without external power. Vertical axis turbines are particularly suited to small wind power applications because they have a small environmental impact and no noise, but have not yet scaled up to the 5MW + turbine size of horizontal axis designs.

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